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Heather's teaching portfolio showcases her recent teaching in fine art, 3D sculpture and photography. Her current KS3 SOL mainly focus on building students' basic physical skills at pace as most students she currently teaches had little to no art practice prior to year 7.

Mastering the basics enables students to play with confidence.

She role models in class, supporting students to independently break down challenges, sparking more mature exploration, playfulness and independence. Combined with key knowledge and art history, she opens their minds to more creative and personal outcomes. They can further strive for mastery with their new-found curiosity and deeper conceptual knowledge. 


She continuously challenges herself to improve her skills and ideas to show students what is possible beyond the basics. This portfolio also includes recent works in progress by her students across all abilities and backgrounds.

Note: This excludes the more experimental and higher-skilled GCSE work due to examination restrictions on current portfolio photography.

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